Today after almost 2.5 years of neglect I put up a new version of Phringly. Not that I added any features as this was mostly just a cosmetic update but it’s nice to give it the update that it was always supposed to get.

It’s always interesting going back to an old code base to see how I used to do things. There are so many parts of the code which are wildly different from how I now operate and it’s easy to say that this is bad but overall the code is pretty easy to navigate and modify. I mean it’s bad but not offensively “how am I ever going to deal with this” kind of bad. It’s nice to see that I’ve made progress but at least I wasn’t terrible.

I can see with Phringly that I was only just starting to get the hang of using cocoapods as I still had a lot of submodules sitting around. With them moved into the podfile it’s much easier to keep them up to date. Though it could have just been that many of the projects I wanted to use simply didn’t have cocoapods support at the time. Either way I’m glad to see the submodules go

Now just the annoying week long wait to see if Apple have any random problems.