For a while now Brewmeister have claimed the title of world’s strongest beer; first with Armageddon at 65% and now with Snake venom at 67.5%. I’ve not had Snake venom but I purchased Armageddon while it was still the worlds strongest beer and recently consumed it. I drank the entire bottle over the course of a few hours to make sure the alcohol didn’t sneak up on me and after finishing it I can guarantee you that it is not anywhere near 65%.

Sadly I don’t have any scientific equipment so I can only base this on the following observations:

  1. Unlike other strong spirits there was no burning or warming sensation while drinking it. Initially I just put this down to it being a high quality brew.
  2. I was not able to light it on fire. This I also put down to the difference between a spirit and a beer (even if it has a high alcohol percentage)
  3. After consuming the entire bottle I was not drunk in the slightest. This was the big one for me. The only reason for this is that the labelled percentage is incorrect.

From my fairly unscientific methods I would place it at under 20%. I have found another blog post from Sweden that has down some tests and came to a similar result I also searched and found numerous other posts from people who have had this beer came to the same conclusion.

So if the percentage written on Armageddon is a lie then why would I believe that Snake venom is any different? So given that this brewery cannot be trusted to correctly label their products which then is the world’s strongest beer? Are other breweries doing the same thing and if it is only Brewmeister then why haven’t they been called out?